My name is Steve Carroll. I’m a real estate photographer. I’m also the founder of PreviewFirst.com and SavvyTours, Inc. I offer photography training and business consulting services. I also contribute to a blog about real estate photography, and I serve as a judge for the industry’s most respected real estate photography competitions. As a result, I can say “real estate photography” multiple times when I talk about myself.

Photo Gallery

See some of my pics on flickr. When I have time (or remember), I like to add a few favorites to our flickr gallery, "Real Estate Photography". For the most part, we post images that are particularly challenging to shoot, and this is where we let the photos do the bragging for us.


Photography pricing ranges from as low as $100 to $350. Please see the different types of photography services at http://www.previewfirst.com/products.

I spend most of my time on the consulting side of the business, working with and coaching aspiring real estate photographers. My daily rate is $1,500, and my weekly rate is $5,000 (much better deal). If you'd like to talk about consulting, contact me here.


What is Real Estate Photography?

The difference between real estate photography and architectural photography is basically “context”. Architectural photography attempts to capture a structure the way the architect meant for it be experienced. Real estate photography attempts to capture a property (usually a home), the way a buyer might experience it. Real estate photography often incorporates lifestyle imagery & more context with regard to a floor-plan, landscaping, views, and amenities.

"A great real estate photo is one that leaves little evidence that a photographer, a camera, or a editor were involved." - Steve Carroll


What is PreviewFirst?

PreviewFirst is Southern California's leading provider of real estate photography and virtual tours. Different from individual photographers who likely focus on many kinds of photography, we are specialists in “real estate photography”. PreviewFirst has a team of more than two dozen professionals, working to provide great photos and fabulous service.

Real estate photography is one of the most difficult genres of photography, and it's a very rare individual who can do it well. At PreviewFirst, we work with many of the worlds top selling luxury real estate brokers, and our team consists of the worlds top real estate photographers. In addition, we deliver out-of-this world customer service. Give us a try. You can create an account and schedule a photo-shoot 24/7.


What is SavvyTours?

Using PreviewFirst as the model, I wanted to develop a virtual tour platform other photographers could use to deliver real estate photos and high-end virtual tours for their own clients. For real estate agents and brokers who want to grow their business, photography and virtual tours are the single most important factors. SavvyTours is a winning solution for real estate agents and the photographer’s who serve them.

With over 52,000 photo-shoots and over 8,000 clients, the SavvyTours Virtual Tour Platform is a recipe for success. Contact me to learn more about how you can use SavvyTours to grow your business.